Give Big for Orcas

Hello, Viewlands families and friends!

It’s been so wonderful to see everyone at Bring Your Family to School Night, classroom meetups, and VEPTSA community events as we work together to rebuild our social community after so much time away. To help VEPTSA continue to support students, teachers, and administrators at Viewlands, we’re asking for your direct support through the Give Big for Orcas direct donation program. This is the most efficient and least expensive way for us to raise money to help make our school the best it can be.

🌟 Please help us Give Big for Orcas from now until December 31 🌟

A BIG THANK YOU to Chuck’s Hop Shop Greenwood for holding a $5000 matching event on December 14!

GOAL: $25,000

  • Total Amount Raised! 28%


VEPTSA supports the Viewlands community in many ways:

Lunchroom/Recess Supervision Staff. SPS does not provide funding for critical support positions during lunch/recess time at any schools. The Viewlands staff and administration has asked for our support to fund these roles to help keep this crucial time nourishing and safe for students, while allowing teachers some time to plan lessons, send an email, or catch a needed and well-deserved break. Fundraising goal: $8000 for year-long support.

Arts Enrichment. Viewlands does not currently receive sufficient funding from the state for an all school music teacher. Until we do, we rely on generous donations to reach every child at Viewlands through artist-in-residency programs. Last year, we partnered with Arts Impact for this purpose, and hope to fund more weeks of arts programs this year. Fundraising goal: $8000, for up to one week-long enrichment program for all students.

Teacher Grants. We provide teacher “grants” to help teachers keep critical supplies like notebooks, pencils, and sometimes snacks on hand for students, without spending their personal funds. Help us help the teachers! Fundraising goal: $1500, with $100 for each teacher.

Grade Level Enrichment. We also provide grade band grants to teachers in the same grade level. Teachers work together in finding activities which would benefit their whole grade level. Examples of these activities include visiting the theater, art museum or attending a music program. Teachers are also welcome to use these funds for grade level professional development. Fundraising goal: $2000, with $285 for each grade.

Please give what you can to support our students, our school, and our community! Any and all amounts to support our school are appreciated, as are your contributions of time and moral support.

Viewlands Elementary PTSA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Tax ID # 45-4899156. Be sure to claim any donation made on your taxes, and check with your employer to take advantage of donation matching opportunities. A search tool for finding matching employers is available here.

Thank you and see you at the next VEPTSA event—Chuck’s Hop Shop on December 14!

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Viewlands Elementary PTSA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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