VEPTSA partners with our community and PTA Levels in advocacy work

Join VEPTSA Advocacy Team!

We will be increasing our advocacy level at the school, district, and state levels this year, and welcome all advocates to be involved. Whether it’s making connections within our North Seattle community, letter writing, testifying at the local/state level, we have a place for you!

If you are a passionate advocate who wants to lift our community needs and support Viewlands at the legislative and other levels, please consider joining the VEPTSA Advocacy Team!

Reach out if you have questions or would like to connect about Advocacy work.

WSPTA Legislative Priorities

Here are the current 5 Legislative Priorities of WSPTA:
1️⃣ Addressing the Student Mental Health Crisis
2️⃣ Addressing Critical Gaps in Education Funding
3️⃣ Preventing and Reducing Gun Violence and Suicide
4️⃣ Addressing Funding, Inclusion, and Supports in Special Education
5️⃣ Building and Maintaining Safer School Facilities.

Reach out if you’d like to connect about Advocacy work.

Learn more about WSPTA advocacy work >

School Levies


Seattle voters can vote on levies that help support Seattle Public Schools like Viewlands.

Learn more about the impact of school levies >

Advocating for Gun Violence Prevention Measures

Viewlands VEPTSA adopted the National PTA position statement on gun violence in May 2018 as we work together towards advocating for the safety of children and youth.

Review the National PTA gun safety and violence prevention position >


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