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Become a member

Being a member of Viewlands Elementary PTSA (VEPTSA) grants you the chance to contribute valuable input on how VEPTSA advocates for our students and community, as well as the ways we collectively support the school. We want as many voices as possible in VEPTSA. All are welcome!

In a typical year VEPTSA supports our students and families by providing:

  • Managed enrichment programs, including scholarships
  • Advocacy at the local, state, and national levels
  • Spiritwear – school shirts and more!
  • Community building activities
  • Grants for teachers and grade bands that provide additional activities, programs, and supplies
  • Help fund lunch and recess supervision
  • Regular communication with families
  • Membership also includes Washington State PTA discounts at stores, lodging, and car rentals (20-30% off in some cases!)

Scholarships are available for those with financial need (contact us with questions).

2023-2024 Membership is OPEN NOW! 

$20 / Adult OR $35 / Two Adults

2023-2024 Member Households

2023-2024 Membership Goal:
125 Households

2023-2024 Meeting Dates

Questions about upcoming meetings? Reach out to our team!

General Meetings

Join us for our General Meetings this year. We will review the PTSA mission, community activities, volunteer options, advocacy, fundraising and more!

See Events calendar page for meeting information and childcare

Fall – October 24, 2023, 6:30pm (Viewlands Elementary, 10525 3rd Ave NW)

Winter – January 23, 2024, 6:30pm (Viewlands Elementary, 10525 3rd Ave NW)

Spring – May 22, 2024, 6:30pm (Viewlands Elementary, 10525 3rd Ave NW)

Board Meetings

VEPTSA Board meets monthly, and all PTSA members are welcome to attend. For a schedule of upcoming meeting times, please see below. If you are interested in joining the PTSA board, please attend an upcoming meeting, and let your interest be known. We welcome your contribution!

September 12, 7:30pm, Chuck’s Hop Shop (656 NW 85th St)

October 10, 7:30pm (Virtual)

November 14, 7:30pm (Pour Decisions, 8000 15th Ave NW)

December 12, 7:30pm (Virtual)

January 9, 7:30pm (Virtual)

February 13, 7:30pm (Pour Decisions, 8000 15th Ave NW)

March 12, 7:30pm (Virtual)

April 16, 7:30pm (Pour Decisions, 8000 15th Ave NW)

May 7, 7:30pm (Virtual)

June 11, 7:30pm (Location TBD)

Viewlands Elementary PTSA (VEPTSA)
PTSA unit ID number 6.15.340.


Viewlands Elementary School

10525 3rd Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98177


Main School Office Phone: 206-252-4400

Viewlands Elementary School website

Viewlands Elementary PTSA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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